Ways That Coffee Can Make the Holidays Better

Coffee can make the holidays better, for sure! Some of you don’t need any convincing of this because you know the power of a great cup of coffee! But for those of you who aren’t so sure, READ ON!

Enjoy the holidays with coffee!!

Enjoy the holidays with coffee!!

Coffee has many redeeming qualities. I’ve chosen a few of them here, but I’m sure you could think of even more! Top of the lis it is the smell, makes you want to be at home!  While a coffee smell isn’t exclusive to the holidays, I associate it with all things cozy, fun and good!

1. The Perfect Gift

Did you know that 78% of adults drink coffee in Canada? I didn’t realize the statistics were that high! But that makes this point even more significant!

If you’re not sure what to buy someone, get them coffee! Often times people won’t spend extra money on themselves for more expensive coffee. You can be their hero with a bag of yummy coffee or a gift card to buy some yummy coffee!

2. Get the coffee pot out at home!

It’s no secret that the holidays can be stressful. What better way to keep up than with a cup of strong, tasty coffee?

I enjoy a warm express with a holiday cookie in the afternoon, or with some egg-nog!

3. Share with hospitality!

I think it’s important to show hospitality to others. And an easy way to extend the hand of friendship is by offering coffee!

Because so many people drink coffee you can’t go wrong (almost) by inviting a friend over for coffee and cake and a good chat! It’s a simple way to open up your home during the holidays and let friends know they’re valuable to you!

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