Home-Page-1989-GilbertoThe Ferster family travels to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for the first time. They stay in a complex where they end up buying (and continue to call their home away from home).

“Destino” – they meet Gilberto and his family.

1990 – 1999

Ferster family continues to travel to Puerto yearlyThe Ferster family continues to travel to Puerto yearly. Karla spends a lot of time with Gilberto’s brother Pedro traveling to the surrounding areas and the small villages of Oaxaca. They discover a shared passion for the beauty of the cloud forests and a love for the local people, who lead difficult, isolated lives. They try the locally harvested coffee, which is roasted in the mountains.


cherriesThe Fersters start bringing in roasted coffee in garbage bags to drink at home. The finished product ranges from green to burnt, yet still tastes amazing.


Karla and PedroKarla and Pedro air-freight a 1 tonne pallet of roasted coffee in time for the Christmas Craft Fair.

The coffee sells out completely. Karla begins to realize the possibilities…


cropHome-Page-2005-Semitrio-On another family trip to Puerto, the Fersters venture to the mountains for a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. Pedro translates for Karla when a village elder approaches her, hugs her, and tells her “welcome home”.

Pedro and Karla come away from this trip committed in their desire to help the people and preserve the natural beauty of the cloud forests.


cropHome-Page-2007--Karla brings in her first container of Frog Friendly Wild coffee.

2008 – 2013

bluebaglogoFrog Friendly Wild continues to grow, primarily in the food service industry as more people discover that simple choices can make a positive difference.


cropHome-page-2013-DocksFrog Friendly Wild purchases it’s Canadian home in Canoe, BC. Exciting times are on the horizon; join us as we take the next great leap forward!