Options, of course we have options

One thing we have learned in life is that one option does not work for all.

We have been serving the food service industry for over 8 years now. It was a wonderful arena to build the foundation of our company. While we are focused on getting our fabulous wild coffee into grocery stores in your neighbourhood, we never want to forget how our start in the industry.

While you can find our one pound retail offerings popping up in grocery stores across BC and Alberta we are more than happy to provide you with our other pack sizes through our website. Perhaps one pound whole bean is not the best option for your application so take a look at the other options for our wild coffee. All offerings are the same price per pound.

Pods – single serve option. Makes a great cup of coffee when you are looking for just one cup at a time. They come in our dark roast and of course our swiss water process decaf as well. Regular pods are available 300 x 8g and decaf is 200 x 9g.

Ground portion coffee – perfect portion size for a 1.9l brewer, typical brewer size of most restaurants and food service establishments. While this portion is a simple solution for restaurants it is larger than what most home brewers need to make the perfect cup of coffee. We suggest that you use the same amount of coffee as you have always used in your home brewer. Available in our dark roast and case size is 50 x 64g.

1 KG food service pack – fits perfectly into a portion grinder, nothing left over at the end. No half bags of beans left over, making inventory management a challenge. If you are like us and coffee is a main stay in your everyday this may be the best option for you. Available in both our dark and medium roasts.

While we cannot please everyone we do ensure our wild coffee is of top quality every time. Our goal is to get our wild coffee in the hands of people who are making the choice to support products truly being their authentic selves. You can contact us through our website for orders, feedback and any questions you may have on how we do what we do.

Frog on!

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