New Packaging for Frog Friendly Wild Coffee

27 Jul 2016
Frog Friendly wild new packaging

Frog Friendly wild new packaging

Next time you visit your local retailer of Frog Friendly Wild Coffee, keep your eyes peeled for our new 100% recyclable packaging!

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, our recyclable packaging is another one of the methods we use as we never stop trying to do better. In addition to the creation of our new sustainable packaging, Frog Friendly remains committed to our company’s pillars of: Flavour, Ethics, and Environment.

Recognizing the importance of consumer transparency in regard to our direct trade ownership of source land, our valued connections with the indigenous people of the region, and the preservation of the richly diverse cloud forest of the Oaxacan Occidental, Frog Friendly strives to produce a product that customers will be proud to support. This is accomplished through our processes of:

  • hike-in harvesting,
  • impact-free coffee milling,
  • composting of coffee mulch, and
  • green practices used at the roasting facility in Canoe, B.C.,

Frog Friendly Wild Coffee is proud of our corporate character and consumers can buy our product with confidence as we are constantly guided by our moral compass to do the right thing.

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