Hugging Our Way Through Retail

ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But there was good hugging going on.

We recently attended the CHFA West trade show and had a fantastic time meeting great new people. The show was packed with owners and purchasers from natural, organic grocery retailers. The crowd was people who want to know the story behind the product. They are looking for products that are top quality while making our planet a better place to be at the time. There were lots of great vendors doing really great business in an ethical and moral manner.

It was inspiring to share our story to such a captive audience. People were truly touched by the story of Frog Friendly Wild and were hugging us. We were hugging new friends for the opportunity they were providing us by agreeing to make room on their shelves for Frog Friendly Wild coffee.

All in all a very good introduction into the world of the natural, organic grocer. We are all ready making plans for next year.

We have also taken this opportunity to update the Friends of Frog and we would like to welcome all our new partners to the journey of Frog!

Frog On!


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