How to Roast Your Coffee Beans to Perfection

There are many different ways to roast your coffee at home. The least expensive way to do so is by roasting your coffee on the stovetop. A drawback to the stovetop method is that cooling the beans becomes quite a chore, considering you constantly have to stir them.

There are many home roasters available for sale online that you can find, and they are broken up into two categories: air roaster and drum roaster. Home drum roasters usually retail starting around $500 while air roasters are a much more economical choice and a bit easier to use.

How to Roast:

  1. Drying

During this first stage, the majority of the bean’s moisture is being driven off. At the end of this stage, the bean’s sugars begin to cook and undergo changes. When the beans have dried, they become yellow in color.

  1. Browning

In this stage, the beans continue from their yellow color to a brown. At the end of this stage many reactions begin and the beans start giving off steam and CO2.

  1. Caramelization and Acid Development

This stage is marked by the beginning of “first crack”(an audible popping) and is where you will balance your roast. If you roast too long, you may over caramelize and get bitter flavors. If you roast too fast, you may have a cup of unpalatable acid.

Coffee may be cooled and brewed after the first crack, or you can keep roasting as the beans take on a velvet and then a dark color. Then comes the “second crack” which indicates the beginning of the darkest stages of roasting. Once you’re in the second crack stage, it is time to start cooling the beans (unless you want to start a fire!)

  1. Cooling

This is the simplest part of the roast, but can be the most challenging with limited equipment at home. The idea is to cool the roast to ambient temperatures in as close to four minutes as possible.

roast to perfection

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