How a great cup of wild coffee centers around a frog.


People often ask us why we would choose to use the frog as our logo for our wild coffee.

Frog Friendly Wild is the culmination of the observations, values and drive of Karla Ferster and Pedro Cortes-Silva to create a business that truly honours source and the peoples and environment that make our coffee so unique.

Frog Friendly Wild Coffee differs in ways that matter. Frog is WILD. It is not farmed. The environment is not altered. Chemical sprays and pesticides do not enter the equation. Seeded amongst the mango trees, vanilla orchids, cocoa and wild flora of the last remaining intact Cloud forest of Mexico, Frog Friendly Wild beans are a step beyond organic or fair trade.

For the Chatino people of the cloud forest the frog is the pagan God of life. Karla and Pedro were gifted the logo to represent our wild coffee.

Amphibians are also the first species to leave an environment when there has been negative impact. We are happy to hear the frogs continue to call the cloud forest their home.

So you see Frog Friendly Wild just makes sense and continues to keep us connected with the story of personal triumph for all involved; from the communities at source, the preservation of wild spaces and the enjoyment of great coffee.

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