4 Cornerstones

Whole quality

From the forest floor to the grocery store.

Harvested in the shadow of the old growth forests by the mountain communities, generating net benefits to the communities at large, while providing valuable preservation of our disappearing wild spaces. Our source is part of our community and like all things the more you give in time, energy and passion ; the greater the impact and in that, the return.

Roasting is a craft. We small batch roast to ensure our care at source and focus on “whole quality” is translated in the cup and we are always looking for creative ways to lessen our production and packaging foot print.

Whole Quality at Frog is about the whole package. How we live, having a genuine message, how we contribute and ultimately ensuring you enjoy a great cup of coffee.


Taking the road less traveled

sometimes literally

H4H is our promise to always take the road less traveled and do business in a way that generates a genuine benefit for all involved. From the hands responsible for the harvest, the Cloud Forest that envelopes our beans , the donkeys we use for transport and the ongoing support of the people that support the dream, we have learned to follow the path that rings true for our community while providing the stewardship it deserves.

Living your values out loud

And always dreaming out loud

Developed and honed from our personal observations, life lessons and a desire to offer something that is simply, real. A symbol that for all involved has become a place of play and an expression of how we feel business should be done. A freeing statement to live out loud, make your mark and find your Frog.

Words have power

We have found our voice

We take pride in our message and the crazy gift that is Frog. The opportunity for all of us to express our values out loud as we continue to evolve as a transparent brand is priceless. Committed to doing it our way, continuing to invest in our communities at source and in turn sharing our true story with you.