Don’t Throw Out Those Coffee Grounds!

If you needed another reason to justify your daily coffee fix, here’s why you should think twice before you throw out those used coffee grounds! Since Frog Friendly Wild Coffee is committed to leading a more sustainable existence, one of our favourite ways to use those spent coffee grounds is in our compost.

Composting is a wonderful, easy, and cheap way to minimize kitchen and outdoor organic waste by creating a nutrient-rich fertilizer for the trees and plants in your home or community garden. Most home compost operations consist of a balance between nitrogen-rich ‘green’ matter (grass clippings, fruit and vegetable peels) and carbon-rich ‘brown’ matter (leaves, twigs, sawdust).

While coffee filters fall into the ‘brown’ matter family, used coffee grounds fall into the ‘green’ matter category as they supply essential nitrogen-supplying to the compost system through the creation of heat and the maintenance of the moisture content inside the compost pile. This is done through providing bacteria with a healthy growth environment. Worms in particular enjoy coffee grounds as the product of their digestion is nutrient-rich castings that is considered black gold for your trees and plants.

Hopefully this inspires you Frog Friendly coffee lovers out there to think twice about throwing away your grounds and maybe you’ll find that our coffee can give your garden as much of a pick-me-up as it does for you.

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