Producing coffee in a sustainable and ethical way is critical, especially when it’s consumed by over half the adult population in the Canada alone. But do we ever stop to think about the cup from which we sip mother nature’s caffeinated nectar? Not just in terms of sustainability,[…]

Coffee can make the holidays better, for sure! Some of you don’t need any convincing of this because you know the power of a great cup of coffee! But for those of you who aren’t so sure, READ ON! Coffee has many redeeming qualities. I’ve chosen a few of them[…]

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If you aren’t concerned about counting calories, cream is one of the best additions you can add to a normal cup of coffee. Like milk, cream alters both the taste and the consistency of your coffee. Different types of cream are listed below.   Half and Half –[…]

A coffee palate is the ability to be able to taste the differences between different roasts and flavors of coffee. When you have a well-exercised palate, you can detect even the smallest hint of flavor and body in each cup of coffee you drink. This greatly enhances the[…]

There are many different ways to roast your coffee at home. The least expensive way to do so is by roasting your coffee on the stovetop. A drawback to the stovetop method is that cooling the beans becomes quite a chore, considering you constantly have to stir them.[…]

If you needed another reason to justify your daily coffee fix, here’s why you should think twice before you throw out those used coffee grounds! Since Frog Friendly Wild Coffee is committed to leading a more sustainable existence, one of our favourite ways to use those spent coffee[…]

27 Jul 2016
Frog Friendly wild new packaging

Next time you visit your local retailer of Frog Friendly Wild Coffee, keep your eyes peeled for our new 100% recyclable packaging! Recognizing the importance of sustainability, our recyclable packaging is another one of the methods we use as we never stop trying to do better. In addition[…]

If you’re serious about your coffee, you may have heard varying opinions regarding acidity levels in coffee. First things first, of the roughly 1000 different chemical compounds identified in coffee, nearly 50 are acids. As green coffee beans undergo chemical reactions in the roasting process, the levels and[…]

If you are amongst the 80% of Canadians that add milk or cream to your coffee, the cold brew method of preparing coffee could change your mind about diluting your next cup of joe. The process is simple chemistry: Water-soluble materials or anything capable of dissolving in water[…]