We are very grateful for the support we have received from retailers to ensure you can purchase our wild coffee in your neighbourhood. Attached please find a copy of where you can find our coffee available for retail sale. Find Your Frog If you don’t see your local[…]

People often ask us why we would choose to use the frog as our logo for our wild coffee. Frog Friendly Wild is the culmination of the observations, values and drive of Karla Ferster and Pedro Cortes-Silva to create a business that truly honours source and the peoples[…]

    September is a month of celebrations for us here at Frog Friendly Wild. Both our founding partners, Karla Ferster and Pedro Cortes-Silva celebrate their birthdays. Being the fabulous giving people they are they want to include you in all the fun. For the month of September[…]

One thing we have learned in life is that one option does not work for all. We have been serving the food service industry for over 8 years now. It was a wonderful arena to build the foundation of our company. While we are focused on getting our[…]

While we were building our presence in foodservice, we have had our coffee in limited retail. Kind of backwards compared to most coffee companies we know of but we are very comfortable being a little left of centre. When we decided the time was really right for our[…]

ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But there was good hugging going on. We recently attended the CHFA West trade show and had a fantastic time meeting great new people. The show was packed with owners and purchasers from natural, organic grocery retailers. The crowd was people[…]

As we had expected the new year has been a whirlwind of changes and learnings all wrapped up as growth and success. We have now entered the retail market and are excited about the opportunity to bring our wild coffee to a grocery shelf in your neighbourhood. We’ve[…]

We are so blessed here at Frog Friendly Wild to have such a supportive village through our journey. The relationships we have developed along the way are the true gift to the destiny of Frog Friendly Wild. Sounds a bit out there for some but is the reality[…]

At Frog Friendly Wild we believe the holidays should be celebrated! One of our favourite ways to celebrate life daily is with a great cup of coffee. In celebration of the season and the launch of our new packaging we’re offering a deal on a 2 pack of[…]

While there are three of us ladies here in Canada, nothing would be possible without our main man Pedro. Pedro runs Frog Friendly Wild in Oaxaca. He is dedicated in his leadership and commitment to quality, source and the people. Through this dedication and a mutual love of[…]