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While we were building our presence in foodservice, we have had our coffee in limited retail. Kind of backwards compared to most coffee companies we know of but we are very comfortable being a little left of centre. When we decided the time was really right for our entry into retail we knew the packaging would need to fantastic. With that we knew it was time for a brand refresh. We liked our look but knew it was time to put our best and most current reflection of our company forward.

Successful business people will often tell you to hire subject matter experts and then get out of their way. We decided to try and do just that. We partnered with Cucumber Marketing Inc. Helen and her team are fantastic, we look forward to a long partnership. The Cucumber team took the time to learn what our vision was and how and why we do what we do. They pushed us outside of our comfort zones. We always know that we are on the right track when there is that feeling of growth. Remaining true to our vision and embracing the fear of change has always been our driving force.


We are so proud of our new look, it is a great reflection of how we are different. The graphics are bold and our “kraft” look bag colour really allows the colours of each roast to pop. The rich reds of the coffee cheery of the dark, the lush green of the coffee plant leaf of the medium roast and the cool water drops of the Swiss Water Decaf stand on their own and look fantastic together. Having the roasts all grounded by the roots, takes us back to source, the Cloud Forest which provides this fabulous product.

Our vision, “Humane Beans 4 Human Beings” flanks the sides of the bag as it does every decision we make. It’s not always easy to live your values out loud but it is the conscious choice. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about striving to make a difference. That something as simple as choosing to drink an ethical cup of coffee can make a direct impact in someone else’s life.

Our story with a picture of Semitrio, keeper of the Cloud Forest, and his family are shared on each bag. We believe that people are taking the time to make educated decisions. It is a time of connecting with where our food comes from and how that food is grown and processed. When people read our story and connect with what we are doing then they will be compelled to purchase our wild coffee.

A great story can only take a product so far, it has to taste good. Our wild coffee grows amongst cocoa, mango, vanilla and wild flora, all adding to a balanced, satisfying cup of coffee.

You can check out our fabulous new retail packaging at our great new website and of course at your neighbourhood grocery store. And when you pick up your bag of our wild coffee look for the heart that Cucumber Marketing left behind on each bag.


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