Frog Friendly Wild

Frog Friendly Wild is the culmination of the observations, values and drive of Karla Ferster and Pedro Cortes-Silva to create a business that truly honours source and the peoples and environment that make our coffee so unique.

It has been a lesson rich journey that has only reaffirmed why we have stayed the course and continue to grow and evolve as a full circle business that continues to be embraced and supported by those it touches.

The journey began simply driven by the desire to generate long-term economy for the culturally rich peoples in the awe-inspiring forest setting of the Oaxaca Occidental, Mexico.


The Why

Our History

Frog Friendly Wild is a business that started as an idea, a spark and one skid of coffee that has evolved with the efforts and ideas of so many. Pedro and Karla started nearly 10 years ago as childhood friends in Oaxaca simply wanting to contribute something to a beautiful wild place that holds both their hearts. From the first experience of meeting with the people of the mountain they have spent the better part of the last decade steadfast in a vision borne from a simple desire to give something back. Neither Pedro nor Karla would have ever imagined their sweet naturalized beans would be so good or that so many would be receptive to Frog Friendly WIld’s style of business and brand.

Frog has evolved along side us we have learned, fallen down and gotten up again. Through all the stress and moments of unknowing; Frog has always been this incredibly satisfying experience in not only giving Pedro and Karla the gift to live their values out loud, but also the affirmation in the human spirit through all the hands that supported Frog Friendly Wild along the way. Today, we are incredibly proud of our true story, our brand transparency and our ongoing commitment to whole quality.

The People

The relationships Frog Friendly Wild has fostered with the communities at source are what has held us steadfast in our objective. It’s not hard to commit to an endeavour when the people; who eke out a hard won life, do it with such joy and presence. Whenever we need a reminder to smile or a shot of gratefulness we remind ourselves of the simple truths we have learned over the years from the Chatino people; “Live for today, tend to life.” The community they belong to are a diverse and ancient ethnic group whose history literally gets lost in the mists of time with villages founded as early as 800 BC. with more than 120 spoken dialects. The folklore and wisdom of the past are still an everyday presence and it is always humbling to witness traditional gatherings. To the Chatino life is a circle and it’s fantastic we get to share the same circle.

The People

The Source

The Source

It’s hard to find the words to express the splendour of source, it takes our breath away every time. The magnitude of the canopy, the cacophony of life, a place of harmony and the crazy noises of nature. And hidden under the canopy, naturalized through the forest is our bean that thrives in it’s bio dynamic forest environment. Who we are and the richly satisfying cup that is Frog owes everything to the reciprocal relationship with the Cloud forest and the people that call it home. There is no greater satisfaction we know of than walking through virgin cloud forest; teeming in life and the knowledge that through the relationship we share with the Chatino people and our wild bean we can preserve it.

Pedro and Karla shared an idea and built a business that has evolved into a simple process of living their values out loud, while enjoying really great coffee. The vision for Frog Friendly Wild has been nurtured to evolve into a story of personal triumph for all involved; from the communities at source, the preservation of wild spaces and the enjoyment of great coffee.

The Why is simple, Why not? Do it right, market true be fresh & real and always drink great coffee.